Monday, 10 July 2017

Final meeting

School Council met today for an end of year party!
We celebrated our achievements in school, mainly in improving safety on the road outside, and making lunchtimes calmer and more enjoyable for everyone. Looking beyond the school, we have helped make life easier for others through our contributions to charities such as Macmillan Cancer Care, Children in Need and Comic Relief.
We discussed how our work has involved us in living our school values of love, respect, perseverance responsibility and hope.
Everyone agreed that being on the school council has been very special. We know we have helped others and made a difference. We feel proud of our work.
School Council presented Mrs Rees with a thank you letter which was much appreciated.

Thank you school council for your positivity and good work.
 God Bless you all.
Love From Mrs Rees.

Friday, 30 June 2017

Minutes 30.6.17

Apologies from Jack
Everyone else present
School prayer.

Planning an invitation.

We discussed the very successful BSM summer fete and thought about how much work had gone into organising it. We thought about the governors and the contribution they make in supporting our school....and all voluntarily! Children also named others who come in regularly to hear readers, support in class assemblies and help on trips. We would like to thank each helper personally for their generosity of time and spirit so we are organising an afternoon tea
We planned an invitation to send to all the helpers to our celebration event.

Sunday, 11 June 2017

Minutes of the meeting 9.6.17

We were only able to have a short meeting today but it was an important one. School council have been asking for equipment to improve behaviour at play time. Ms. Prince has been collecting vouchers and has given us the choice of equipment we feel most suitable.
We had a vote and the stamp-abouts, z.balls, and french skipping ropes were most popular.
Mrs. Rees will pass this information on.
Well done school council!

Friday, 26 May 2017

minutes of the meeting 26.5.17

Y6 absent from meeting
Everyone else present.

School prayer

Agenda; Farewell to Zachery
We thanked Zachery for all the work and commitment he has put into school council. He has been an exemplary member of our team, always positive, polite and eager to take responsibility and make a difference. We will miss you Zachery!

Y5 Have raised concern that some people's bags have been opened. Mr. Carter has been dealing with this. School Council would like to offer to be cloakroom monitors at play time and lunchtime.
Action. Shelby. Lloyd and Mrs Rees will make up a monitor rota first week after half term.

Charlotte has raised a worry that as the weather gets hotter more shade will be needed outside. Again Mr Carter is aware and dealing with this. A water station has been set up for now.

Friday, 12 May 2017

Minutes of the meeting 12.5.17

The  new school prayer
Everyone present.

  • Arrangements for interviews of new staff.
  • Questions for the new teachers.
As Mrs Rees is retiring soon there will be need for a new teacher at our school. Next week there will be interviews. School council have been asked to conduct tours of the school and provide some questions to ask the candidates.
Everyone volunteered to be guides! We chose two pairs; Lois and Harrison, and Shelby and Freya.
We thought about what a new person would need to know during their tours; school values, daily timetable, clubs and activities, collective worship and celebration assemblies, our grounds and how we keep safe.

Then we discussed the questions we would like to ask and chose the following five.........
What teaching experience have you had, and how do you make learning exciting?
We have five school values. What values are most important to you?
How would you show love for your students?
How would you manage inappropriate behaviour?
What do you know about our school and how would you make it even better?

Mrs Rees thanked everyone for their positive contributions.

Friday, 5 May 2017

minutes of the meeting 5.5.17

Everyone present
The school prayer.
We discussed the important new addition to the prayer, 'Help us to know and reflect Your love.....'
We agreed that we should try to love others in the way that God loves us; the way that Jesus showed love.
Feedback from the Values Launch.

This has been an important week for the school with the launch of the new school values.
We discussed how the values have been introduced and the impact we think it will have on the school.
Charlotte; Opening the parcels was a surprise! It made us think how important the values are.
Zachery ; I think the values will improve behaviour in the school because people will know what they are and take them seriously.
Charlotte ; Everyone is talking about the values. It will keep them in our minds.
Shelby and Lloyd;  We like HOPE. It helps you think about the future.
Hudson; The values give you something to focus on.
Harrison; If you know the values you are more likely to do them.
ChuYan; They help to keep you positive.
Charlotte; The banners will be big! They will make us think, 'How can I be good and kind today?'
Mia; The banners will help teachers remind children how to behave.
Hudson; The tokens make you want to be good! I really want to earn tokens!
We agreed unanimously that the five values were a good choice.

Thursday, 20 April 2017

Making a difference!

Four representatives from school Council met with Mr Carter and local councillors to express our concerns about the traffic on Birch Avenue. Lois, Charlotte, Zachery and Mia all explained the problems we are facing daily.
As a result of our meeting, councillors have agreed to put certain provision in place including an increased number of signs. Our community police officer is also offereing increased vigilence at peak times. We would like to thank eeveryone for listening to, and acting on, our concerns.